Louisiana Tech Emergency Notification System

Louisiana Tech is using an Emergency Notification System (ENS) provided by the Board of Regents so that students and employees can be notified quickly and efficiently in the event of an emergency.


This system will be used for emergency notification purposes only

Emergency contact information will be collected by Louisiana Tech University and sent to FirstCall Interactive Network.  FirstCall has been contracted by the State of Louisiana's Board of Regents to transmit emergency alerts in the event of a campus emergency. The information provided to FirstCall is secure and will not be used for proprietary or non-emergency purposes.


Students can be contacted three ways:

Enrolled Students

Voice Call

Dorm room telephone numbers are in the ENS system

University e-mail addresses are in the ENS system

Off-Campus/Cell Phone Voice Call

Text Messaging


To enter your cell or off-campus phone number:

  • Click on the link below to go to "Personal Phone Numbers" on BOSS and update your ENS information:
  • Personal Phone Numbers
  • To receive an "Emergency Voice Call" notification: Choose a phone number field and enter your off-campus number, then select Type value "Emergency Voice Call".
  • To receive an "Emergency Text Message" alert: Choose a phone number field, select Type value "Emergency Text Msg" and enter your cell phone number.
  • You can use both voice call and text messaging by using two number fields with different Type selections
  • The FirstCall Interactive Network will accept up to three Emergency Voice Call numbers and one Emergency Text Message (SMS) number.

If you have questions, call Student Affairs at 257-2445